Mold and Radon Testing

Home Inspection Star is a Illinois licensed home inspection company with supreme expertise in Mold and Radon Testing.

What is Mold Testing?

  • Molds are simple microscopic organisms that are found everywhere in the environment, indoors and outdoors. There are around 80,000 to 100,000 or more types of different molds out of which approximately 200 have been identified.
  • Presence of molds should be addressed as soon as possible because its exposure can affect health of individuals of all age group.
  • Mold testing is a detailed procedure of analyzing and inspecting the house or any other type of property and testing the mold. This includes checking mold exposure, air sampling and testing to determine the extent of the mold problem, if any.
  • Molds release spores and it is these spores that cause the allergic reactions in people. Spores are microscopic particles released by molds in their thousands into the atmosphere. Spores contact skin and nasal and bronchial membranes, causing symptoms such as rhinitis, itchy eyes, eczema and most importantly asthma. Molds favors damp, musty conditions; therefore piles of rotting leaves, grass cuttings, compost heaps, and garden sheds are prime environments for mold growth. Indoor molds can be found on food that is going off, such as the black and white fur that is found on cheese, bread, fruit and vegetables.The air conditioning and refrigerator are a key mold environment if not adequately sealed. Other types of mold can be found on window frames, especially when there is a lot of condensation on the windows, under wallpaper and on the soil of houseplants. Likewise, the damp environments caused by tumble dryers and baths and showers make the kitchen and bathroom danger zones.

Why Choose Home Inspection Star for Mold Testing?

  • Home Inspection Star Inc. is a specialized and Illinois licensed home inspection company that offers consultation, inspections, testing and analysis for mold in residential and commercial properties.
  •  A Licensed Home inspector from Home Inspection Star will initially research the history of the structure regarding water discharges, leaks, flooding and other substantial details.
  • The next essential step is to thoroughly undertake visual inspection to detect signs or conditions that may encourage mold growth.
  • After the above steps are completed, Home Inspection Star’s expert performance ‘Environmental sampling’ in which around two air samples are taken, one inside and one outside, for comparison.
  • Depending on the inspection results and discoveries made by Home Inspection Star’s licensed home inspector other tests may be recommended.
  • At “Home Inspection Star”, the samples are obtained using scientifically calibrated equipment and filters. The air samples are analyzed by an AIHA accredited microbiological lab. These Lab test results are included in Home inspection star’s personalized report to customer.

What is Mold and Radon Testing?

  • Radon is defined as a cancer causing radioactive gas. One cannot see, smell or taste a radon. It is a hazardous gas that you can breathe air-containing radon and may increase your risk of getting lung cancer.
  • Radon testing is a US standard for reducing radon in homes as far as practicable below 4 picocuries per liter (pCi/L) (148 Bq/m3) in indoor air.
  • Testing is the only way to find out about your home’s radon level. The EPA and the Surgeon General recommend testing of all homes below the second floor for radon.

Mold and Radon Testing

Why Choose Home Inspection Star for Radon Testing?

  • A Licensed Radon Technician will perform residential and commercial radon testing.
  • The next essential step is to thoroughly undertake visual inspection to detect signs or conditions that may encourage radon leakage.
  • Radon Testing testing should be a 48 hours test required by the state. We provide the laboratory mold results within 48 hours.
  • Home Inspection Star’s Short term testing can measure radon levels for exposure periods of 2 days to 90 days, depending on the device. It is an extremely useful procedure highly used to analyze, inspect and test a real estate related transaction.
  • Home Inspection Star’s Long term testing can measure radon levels for 90 days to one year. It is an extremely useful procedure to reflect the seasonal or year round average radon level of the home.
  • Depending on the test results, Radon mitigation may be recommended.

We aspire to assist sellers and buyers to make a well-informed decision for the property. Mold and Radon Testing is critical in each property investment. To know more or to Book Home Inspection Star’s services, please contact us.

Do you need a Commercial Radon Test? Our Radon Technician it is licensed to perform residential and commercial radon testing.

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