Seller’s Home Inspection in Chicago

A sellers home inspection is important because :

 Eliminate surprises that can be discovered during the negotiation.
 Allow ample time for spotting and correcting any current problems.
 Ensure on time Use and Occupancy permit approval.
 Possibly take the place of the buyer’s inspection contingency
 Give you the confidence to price your home accurately.
 During the Home Inspection, we will point out:
 Major problems – such as structural problems or water damage.
 Any dangerous elements in the home – such as a gas leak.
 Any problem that may lead to an even bigger problem in the future – such as a leaking roof.
 Fundamental elements that do not function up to standard – such as built-in kitchen appliances.

 Why should Home Sellers have a Home inspection? 

More and more, buyers are having home inspections performed prior to purchasing a property. Buyers frequently seek that realistic, third-party, professional assessment to confirm that their choice is sound, or shed light on what future repairs may be needed. While inspectors do not recommend whether a buyer should or shouldn’t purchase, their findings carry considerable influence.

A sale that falls through can be disastrous for the seller, too! He may have purchased a new home, contingent upon the sale of the existing property. Without funds from the present sale, the new purchase would likely not go through. No one wins when a transaction doesn’t go forward.

A home inspection report with critical findings may surprise the sellers as much as the buyer. The seller may genuinely believe the property to be in good shape. Unknown conditions, however – termites, for example – could alter that assessment.

Best Insurance for Home Sellers

Home buyers’ sales agents or lawyers generally recommend an inspection. In this case, what’s good for the buyer is also good for the seller. Because surprises are equally damaging to sellers of property, the seller should get a “pre-sale inspection”.

While an inspection prepared for a seller will not be a substitute for a buyer’s inspection, it nevertheless serves a useful purpose — alerting the seller to potential conditions that could alter or delay a sale.

People who live in a house get accustomed to the property and may not see conditions as shortfalls that a potential buyer might. For example, a 20-year-old furnace may still be working wonderfully. But statistically, it will need replacement within five years. That’s an outlay of $2,000-$3,000 that the buyer might not anticipate.

A professional home inspector is trained to notice what most people are not trained to see. An inspector serves as a detective, looking for existing or potential problems. With no vested interest in the sale of the property, the objective, diagnostic report of the home inspector will enable the seller to determine what needs repair prior to putting up the “for sale” sign.

An inspector will check the complete exterior of the house, including the chimney, surface condition of the roof, flashings, gutters and downspouts. He will check the exterior sill, foundation, and the grading of the lot to be sure it is pitched away from the house. The inspector will then enter the basement and view the mechanicals, such as plumbing, heating, electrical and central cooling system. He will check the sill, foundation, floor joists, main carrying beams and supporting members.

The inspector will also inspect for mold, lead paint, Asbestos and water penetration. If these conditions are suspected, the inspector will recommend testing for  He will check the kitchen and condition of appliances. All doors, ceilings and floors on interior rooms will be checked. An inspection will also check the ventilation and insulation in the attic, which provides a better idea of the exact condition of the roof.

Inspection companies provide electronic home inspection reports. A thorough home inspection takes between two and three hours, depending on inspector’s experience. It is advisable to follow the inspector in the inspection process.

Home inspection fees in Chicago generally range in price from $375 to $1000. The best source for finding a competent home inspector is the recommendation of someone who has used a licensed company services in the past. In determining if this company is the right one for you, ask about their level of experience–how many inspections the company has performed, how many they do annually, and what kind of training their inspectors receive. Also, the inspector you choose should belong to a national organization that requires compliance to a code of ethics as INTERNACHI or ASHI.

As a prospective seller, an objective, realistic evaluation of your property’s condition will be of great assistance when placing it on the market. Knowing what objections, if any, are likely to be raised in advance will help you deal with them in a way that keeps the sale moving along smoothly.


Seller's Home Inspection Chicago, IL
Seller’s home inspection
This inspection can assure the seller that any problems that need
to be taken care of are discovered in advance.
Our goal is to make you, the seller, aware of any issues that may be discovered by the buyer and influence their buying decision. During the home visit, our inspectors walk through the house looking at all major areas of the residence. The homeowner is welcome and encouraged to walk along side of the inspector and listen to any comments or ideas that come up, as some comments may never make it into the final report. It is often helpful for the homeowner to take notes throughout the inspection process for personal use and to ask and clarify any questions. The areas of inspection will include the roof, the interior, the exterior, structural components, insulation, plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling, ventilation, and any other areas of concern.
After years of building experience, we know the problem areas and what to look out for. We know homes inside and out, and just as we built quality homes, we know how to spot them too. To gain the upper hand in the selling process, call us today to set up an appointment for a home inspection.

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