Heating & Air Conditioning Inspections

The home inspector shall observe permanently installed heating and cooling systems including: Heating equipment; Cooling Equipment that is central to home; Normal operating controls; Automatic safety controls; Chimneys, flues, and vents, where readily visible; Solid fuel heating devices; Heat distribution systems including fans, pumps, ducts and piping, with supports, insulation, air filters, registers, radiators, fan coil units, convectors; and the presence of an installed heat source in each room. The home inspector shall describe: Energy source; and Heating equipment and distribution type. The home inspector shall operate the systems using normal operating controls. The home inspector shall open readily openable access panels provided by the manufacturer or installer for routine homeowner maintenance. The home inspector is not required to: Operate heating systems when weather conditions or other circumstances may cause equipment damage; Operate automatic safety controls; Ignite or extinguish solid fuel fires; or Observe: The interior of flues; Fireplace insert flue connections; Humidifiers; Electronic air filters; or The uniformity or adequacy of heat supply to the various rooms.

Home Inspection Star Inc has a comprehensive inspection regarding the subject of furnace, water boiler and air conditioner which takes into account the entire heating and cooling system. The HVAC section of the home inspection report includes pictures and descriptions with recommendations regarding these systems.

HVAC Inspector

The heating and cooling system of the home would be inspected and reported on with the above information. While the inspector makes every effort to find all areas of concern, some areas can go unnoticed. The inspection is not meant to be technically exhaustive. The inspection does not involve removal and inspection behind service door or dismantling that would otherwise reveal something only a licensed heat contractor would discover. Please be aware that the inspector has your best interest in mind. Any repair items mentioned in the home inspection report should be considered before purchase. It is recommended that qualified contractors be used in your further inspection or repair issues as it relates to the comments in the home inspection report.

The HVAC systems inspected in the home inspection is proving out to be important for you in the home buying process.